Miller Process Coating Company’s Nexus800 Pretreat and Pyrosil System is the optimal pretreat machine for best-in-class adhesion technology.

However, we understand that your business needs fluctuate and you want solutions that will provide flexibility as well. Production varies from month to month and having money tied up inexpensive machines ties up cash that could otherwise be used to market and grow your business.

When using a Nexus800 Pretreat machine and our Pay-Per-Piece model, costs associated with pretreatment flex based on your business’ needs. Which means you only pay for what you use.

Without any upfront costs, you can begin to apply Pyrosil to all of your products for just pennies per piece.

how it works

  • We provide the machine, Pyrosil dosing unit and everything else you need with no upfront hardware costs
  • You begin production and enjoy the use of your machine right away
  • You receive monthly production reports that determine your monthly bill.
  • No long term commitments. Use it for as long as you’d like. Return it with no obligations.
  • During your use of the machine the following is included in your price per piece rate:
  • Pyrosil refills
  • Full warranty on Nexus machine components/electronics for life of machine
  • Replacement of wearable parts
  • Technical Support access


  • Simple, predictable payments that flex based on monthly usage
  • No long term commitments like a traditional lease means you can adapt to business changes
  • Avoid lengthy approval process associated with leases or bank loans
  • Free up cash to spend on revenue generating activities
  • Take advantage of new technology as it becomes available
  • Peace of mind because MPC provides full managed support for the life of the machine


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